About Us

Sandra Soares

Bookkeeping is an essential profession that requires time, focus, and attention to detail. The slightest mistake in any entry can have immeasurable consequences, whether it is for payroll or government forms.
Understandably, this pressure is increased when running a business. Having a personalized bookkeeper is key to avoiding any undesirable consequences when it comes to errors in paperwork, angry clients, and government penalties.

With over ten years of accumulated knowledge and experience, Soares Bookkeeping understands the struggles of small businesses trying to balance their books.
Unlike larger companies, our interest is to develop strong ties with clients to help ease the mental strain of our clients.
While attention to detail and organization is our focus, our reliability makes the most significant difference. By focusing on clients as individuals with specific needs, companies can place their trust in our work. Many clients prefer to have their CRA forms submitted on their behalf. Being able to place your financial information in the hands of a professional who cares will ensure more stability for your business. Do not take unnecessary risks. Let a professional guide you the right way.


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Alan, Mortgage Broker

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