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Can I do my Own Bookkeeping?

November 5, 2021 6:08 pm

Like all professional trades, bookkeeping services have degrees of knowledge and service that set some ahead of others. And yet, it isn’t rocket science. So you can learn bookkeeping, in a general way on your own, if you have the time available and you’ve prioritized having this control. 


This article is for you, the persistent one, the business owner who has a need, nay, a significant ten-gallon-hat necessity, to do your own bookkeeping. You could spend your time reading, following Youtube suggestions, or discovering how to organize your monthly invoices and postings through trial and error. 

Alternatively, you may find our easy, in-person Quickbooks or Sage Tutorials helpful. You can learn the finer points that you may not quite understand about Quickbooks or Sage (there are many technologies and programs that are difficult to wrap one’s head around) or discover the integral aspects that make the most financial difference for your company. 


Soares Bookkeeping is a seasoned, professional bookkeeping company in London, Ontario, that has helped dozens of small-business owners like yourself better understand the online systems of bookkeeping.  


We offer in-person, affordable tutorials in Sage and Quickbooks. These lessons can be as lengthy or short as you like:  An hour-long lesson will help you or your employee better understand the critical details that may be costing you money now. 

Please call us in the London and surrounding area at (519) 859 2233.



How can a private tutorial from a seasoned bookkeeper help you?

You may be paying extra to your accountant or bookkeeper at month’s end: 

Suppose an employee in your office is posting your entries into an online bookkeeping program. In that case, their lack of bookkeeping knowledge may result in time-consuming back-referencing of entries for the person or corporation that handles your bookkeeping. 

You are learning Quickbooks or Sage on your own from scratch, but you’re not as comfortable with it as you would like to be: 

While you would like to maintain the management of your books, this whole online thing is proving more daunting than you would like. We break the program down into bite-size learning pieces for you.


Tell us where you’re currently stumped or what you need help with, and we will suggest a tutorial that will get you to the finish line.

Would you like to use a bookkeeping service?

Great satisfaction comes from being self-sufficient. In fact, if you drop me in the middle of nowhere, I may do just fine. Actually, it would be lovely if you could leave me close to a hardware store. Oh, make it one that also employs a cook, roofer, furnace repair person, someone who can put up blinds, sells clothes, and knows about cars. 

Any of us can be self-sufficient, but it’s all about priorities and available time. At different points in our history, we have given away the skills that came as second nature to our forefathers and foremothers. 


Letting go of the idea we can do it all, too, is progress, and as Martha said, “that’s a good thing.”


Most of us no longer even imagine building our own houses, and to prove what a few generations removed from the builders in our lineage does to a DIY bathroom reno, just turn on HGTV. 

Transferring talents from those who came before, that adeptness at learning, has allowed some of us a richness of inherited skills that we proudly keep alive.

But for most of us, we’ve learned there is a tipping point that leads to more success in life and business if we decide to make the leap to letting go. If you’ve decided to look into a bookkeeping service, we can help you.


Soares Bookkeeping Services employs a caring and detailed approach, whether for your bookkeeping needs, tax preparation, accounts payable,  or accounts receivable.