How to Increase Your Accounting Firm Profits by Thinking Like Tom Sawyer

May 6, 2021 2:06 pm

Outsourcing your accounting firm bookkeeping needs is an efficient and money making decision. Professional bookkeepers are the best freelancers for the job.

‘Some tasks are better left to the people with honed skillsets’ was not likely said by Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer about his eager friends before he outsourced the task of painting Aunt Polly’s picket fence to them.

But, of course, Tom Sawyer’s meticulous, outsourced workers did a better job than he would have ever done.

Outsourcing became an option during the mid 1700s to the late 1800s, a period called the industrial revolution. Larger companies were better served by a small company’s skilled specialization, becoming more efficient and profitable because of it. This eventually guided large- and small-scale outsourcing, like the overseas manufacturing of the 1970s and business functions of the 1980s.

Client bookkeeping for CPA accounting firms is often better left to an independent bookkeeping company. Like Tom Sawyer’s picket fence painters, bookkeepers are passionate about and take pride in, their methodical expertise.

Alignment with a professional bookkeeper allows your focus to remain on the growth areas of your firm. Your expertise in tax-saving strategies, wealth planning advice, transaction and merger support are the money-making services for both your clients and your CPA firm.

Thinking like Tom Sawyer and outsourcing an independent bookkeeper can increase your accounting firm’s profits.



  • A bookkeeper’s muscle memory allows efficient turnaround times for your clients’ monthly books.

Your clients may start their businesses optimistically by tracking their account payables and sales, but that enthusiasm wanes for most business owners. That is the moment you take on their bookkeeping requirements, however, the truth is bookkeeping requires a lot of time and attention to detail.

Those monthly account reconciliations mean less time for your projects that bring in higher income. In addition, bookkeeping is billed out on the lower end of your offered CPA services so having a bookkeeping partner makes financial sense.


  • An experienced bookkeeper aligns easily with the technologies used in your firm or those of your clients.

Bookkeepers’ knowledge and use of varied cloud technologies allow seamless integration with the technology used in your firm or that of your clients. New software technologies and their morphing can be the bane of any busy accounting firm. Bookkeepers can take at least some of those concerns off your plate; our experience using many of them daily is becoming exponentially more important to accounting firms who dream of a day when they can get back to the satisfying aspects of strategizing, planning and professional advice with your clients.


  • You can use bookkeeping services regularly, seasonally, or only during vacation time.

Outsourced services are scalable to your growing number of clients without sacrificing the quality of your in-house services. You experience less burnout resulting from increasing client or seasonal workload knowing a contract bookkeeper is available. Most bookkeepers are well versed in client payroll, tax returns, and audit prep services and can handle the clerical needs of a number of companies of any size.


  • Clients are grateful for full-service solutions.

Market your accounting firm as one that sweats the small stuff. The more a client feels you are invested in their routine yet crucial aspects of their business money matters, the closer their connection to your firm. Having bookkeeping services that are all about the details of your clients’ account reconciliations on your company roster allows you to stay competitive in an increasingly fluid market. A professional bookkeeper gives you an edge over other firms.


Bookkeeping services like Soares Bookkeeping provide busy accounting firms with practical answers to bookkeeping dilemmas.

To help your firm increase profits by using a full-service bookkeeping company, email Sandra or call 519 859 2233 to talk over your current needs.



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